Welcome Note from the President

Dear Friends and colleagues,

Peace to you all!

APMBSS has the longest history as international bariatric society in Asia Pacific region. Back in 2004, a group of surgeons who believed in forming a borderless alliance in the growing battle against obesity in Asia, formed the Asia Pacific Bariatric Surgery Group. As the concept and treatment of obesity further evolved in treating also its comorbid metabolic effects, so too, did the name changed into what is now the Asia Pacific “Metabolic” and Bariatric Surgery “Society”.Even though the roots of Bariatric Surgery stemmed from the need to treat obesity in the West, it found a new home here in Asia, where obesity and diabetes spread like wildfire in the East. Through the relentless efforts of our colleagues, bariatric, and also, metabolic surgery continue to flourish and treat our Asian brethren.

Continuing to strive for a borderless alliance in the field of Bariatric and Metabolic Surgery, we understand the role of education and hold it with utmost importance. We have Asian neighbors who are in dire need of skill and expertise in their countries when it comes to bariatric and metabolic surgery. I hope that APMBSS continue to extend its borderless alliance to the young and budding bariatric and metabolic surgeons by creating opportunities for them to gain access to the many training courses, workshops and fellowship programs we offer.

Bariatric surgery is growing rapidly in our region and the role of our society will be important in leading the development and the advances that all we are going to face.

APBMSS endorsed Events and our Biennial Congress play a great role in spreading the awareness of the surgical efficacy and quality of life of the patients.In March 2018, our Biennial Congress will be held in Tokyo. I hope to see all of you in Tokyo at the best time of cherry blossam in the world.

Warmest regards

Kazunori Kasama MD
President of APMBSS


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