Welcome Note from the President

Dear Friends and colleagues,

Asia-Pacific region, stretching northward to Mongolia, southward to New Zealand, eastward to the island states of Oceania, and westward to Pakistan – a continent presents a great historical, cultural, and ethnic diversity. The region is characterized by a large population and strong economic growth. However, obesity & diabetes is also becoming an emerging problem in this region. China and India, has just become the first and third obese population nation among the globe and two third of the world diabetes population live in this region.

Foreseeing this growing problem, our founding President, Prof Wei-Jei Lee had gather group of enthusiastic surgeon in Asia and established the Asia-Pacific Metabolic and Bariatric Surgery society (previously known as Asia-pacific Bariatric Surgery Group APBSG and Asia-Pacific Bariatric Surgery Society APBSS) in 2004. Our existence represent the passion and brotherhood of surgeons in our region for helping each other in the development of bariatric surgery. Currently, there are 22 nations’ members in APMBSS and our mission is to spread the knowledge and skill on bariatric surgery among these growing nations and helps the young surgeons to follow the righteous path in treating patients with obesity and diabetes.

Bariatric surgery is growing rapidly Asia-Pacific area and there are more and more societies and alliances in our region that carry the same goal. Our role is not to compete, but communicate and liaise with them in order to uphold the standard of care in Asia-pacific in a peaceful atmosphere. Hereafter, we are one big family of this unique area.

APBMSS endorsed educational events among our regions and our Biennial Congress play a great role in spreading the awareness of surgical treatment option in obese and diabetes population. In 2020, our Biennial Congress will be held in Hong Kong and I hope to see all of you.

Warmest regards

President of APMBSS


Join us at the APMBSS 2021 meeting in Hong Kong


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